• 📊 Tableau: Provides native connectivity to SQL databases for creating interactive dashboards and visualizations.
  • 💡 Microsoft Power BI: Seamlessly integrates with SQL Server and other SQL-based databases, offering powerful visualization capabilities.
  • 🌀 QlikView/Qlik Sense: Supports direct connectivity to SQL databases, enabling users to build insightful visualizations and reports.
  • 📈 Looker: Offers native support for SQL databases, allowing users to explore and visualize SQL data effortlessly.
  • 📊 Google Data Studio: Integrates with SQL databases through connectors or direct SQL query capabilities, facilitating the creation of interactive reports.
  • 📊 Domo: Connects to SQL databases, enabling users to import, transform, and visualize SQL data alongside other data sources.
  • 📊 Plotly: Provides data visualization tools and libraries compatible with SQL data, allowing for the creation of custom charts and dashboards.
  • 📊 Sisense: Offers native connectivity to SQL databases, empowering users to create interactive dashboards and visualizations.
  • 📊 Metabase: An open-source tool supporting SQL database connections for creating charts, dashboards, and SQL-based queries.
  • 📊 Redash: Connects to SQL databases, enabling users to create interactive dashboards, visualizations, and ad-hoc queries.

These tools offer a range of features and capabilities for visualizing SQL data, catering to diverse business needs and requirements.

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